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Welcome to Fort Saskatchewan Home Infusions


Fort Saskatchewan Home Infusions is a local family business that is serving the citizens of Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding area. Many patients are prescribed antibiotics and specialty therapies only deliverable through intravenous infusions. In the small community of Fort Saskatchewan traditionally patients prescribed Intra-venous therapies would have to return to the Emergency department or to another clinic and take time off of work and away from their families. 

Now, patients can stay in their own home or even have their infusions done at work. Contact us for more information. 

Home Phlebotomy and ECG

Quality Care

Our team can come right to your home to take your blood samples ordered by your physician. This is a perfect solution for bed ridden patients who struggle to leave their homes.

Home Infusions

True Convenience

We infuse Normal Saline, Biologics such as Remicade, and all antibiotics.

Dental Nursing

Dentist and nurse collaborations

Are you a dentist or run a dentist clinic and need a nurse but not full time? We offer skilled dental nurses who come to your clinic with all the necessary supplies (IV start and saline fluids) to help with require procedural sedation and much more. 

Covid-19 Testing

Safety for Your Workers

Are you a commercial or industrial worksite with employees who need to be tested every three days? Our team can come to your worksite and test your employees within 15 minutes as they walk in, during regular work days and while shutdowns are in progress.

Nurse Checking Girl

Opening Hours

Appointments are available throughout the day and evenings so that you can fit your infusion with your work and personal life.  Call us to book your appointment.

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